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6 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets of Success

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“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” The famous and accurate words of Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner. Entrepreneurs work differently, look at success differently, and have a different outlook on life. Working towards success as an entrepreneur requires a high level of determination and facing the unknown, and although entrepreneurs work for themselves, they don’t have to face it alone. Here is some advice from six successful entrepreneurs across different industries sharing what brought them and their businesses to success.

You Run the Day

A “no” in your business life is just an opportunity to keep pushing, and to keep asking, whether that’s for business opportunities or partnerships, or collaborative projects. Life Coach Stephen Claybourn, says that he has the mentality that “either you run the day or the day runs you.” This of course applies to how you approach potential opportunities and pushing yourself to operate in a way that may not make sense for you but certainly makes sense for your business success.

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Train Your Thoughts to Help You

Entrepreneurs are believed to have higher stress levels. Having unmanaged stress will not only harm your health but can also harm your business. Stress doesn’t allow peak performance, and when you’re burnt out and overwhelmed your business will likely suffer. Christine Deschemin creator of self-hypnosis App, UpNow, shares her secret to stress management. She says, “I realized very early on that I was much better at thriving under pressure and managing stress than people around me because I was using self-hypnosis tools such as visualization and imagery daily.” She took the strength she found in utilizing self-hypnosis, has applied it to her business, created a business from it, and now she encourages others to utilize this effective tool.

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Look Forward

Another key to business success? Know that you can be the best and never let past failures bring you down. It doesn’t matter what you may or may not have accomplished in the past. Business owner, best-selling author, and TEDx Speaker Allison Garret says that “You need to be brutally honest with yourself and accept that the past cannot be changed. You need to make peace with every aspect of it so you can move forward.” It is important not to have a negative mentality. Believing that you can’t create the best business that you want to create, simply because you may have failed at something else will limit your growth. In fact, failing and past difficulties only make us grow stronger and smarter.

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Love Yourself

Manifestation coach of the Diamond Academy, Kathleen Cameron, says that “You cannot outperform your self-image.” She shares that once she learned to love herself, her business realized rapid growth. If your image, and the image you have for your company is one of failure and mediocracy, you’re creating a roadblock that will prevent you from reaching success. When you imagine and aim to be the best, your business will move in that direction, and you’ll find success. The more successful you believe yourself to be, the more opportunities will be presented to you. Use your mindset to work with you toward success; don’t let it hold you back.

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Do What You Know

Michael Riady, owner of the coffee company Tentera, stresses how important it is to do what you know. By having a specialty you will provide a service or product that will exceed expectations and guarantee customer satisfaction. Michael says “We are Indonesian focus. Nothing else. Our founder is fifth-generation Indonesian and knows Indonesian [coffee] better than anyone else. We exceed expectations each time because we focus on what we know best … We don’t try to sell people something we are not perfect at.” Find what you’re good at and stick to it.

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Community Focus

Having an authentic strong sense of community will drive business as people want to support ethical companies and companies that give back. Business owner Lorenza Sala agrees with this, and says “I want the users to understand we are among family members, we’re there to listen to their needs and help them.” This can be transmitted on how you sell your products, or it can even be related to any charity work or philanthropy on behalf of your company. Donating to nonprofits, sponsoring a team, or donating supplies to schools: all of this shows that your company cares, and in turn, your community will take note.

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Everyone has their own approach to their business, and these entrepreneurs across different industries have all found success by utilizing these methods and mentalities. Take their approach, apply it to your business ventures, and find what works for you. There are countless resources around; utilize them to help guide you to the top.

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