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We all know that as Americans, we value time efficiency and convenience, all the way to our core. Although, we are also becoming more aware of the sustainability issues that are associated with many of our habits, and now, lucky for our planet, being eco-friendly is trendy.  Unfortunately, our coffee consumption alongside America’s second-favorite brew method, single-serving pod coffees, is an integral part of our pollution problem.

The Reality of the Problem

According to The Story of Stuff Project, The amount of the discarded, single-use coffee pods that are now in our landfill, could wrap around the entire planet over 10 times.  That is over 400,750 kilometers of coffee pods.  Yet almost 1 in 5 coffee drinkers are still using this brew method.  Well, there is a solution to the issues around single-serving pod coffees that don’t require more time, money, or plastic pollution: the single-serving pour-over bag.

Single-Serving Pour-Overs

The single-serving pour-over bag hasn’t yet really broken into the US market, and Tentera Coffee Roasters is pushing it to become the new norm.  This brew method requires hot water and a mug, and that is it.  These single serving pour-over bags don’t require any plastics in their packaging.  The coffee sits in a biodegradable paper filter wrapped in a recyclable aluminum pouch.  This eliminates plastic use in single serving coffees.  Eliminates it. Imagine the difference it would make in the world if people just made the switch.

It is also important to note that this isn’t like the other “solutions” out there such as using instant coffee –gross or simply recycling the coffee pods –many of the composite plastics used are not even recyclable.  Single-serving pour-over bags don’t sacrifice that delicious flavor of coffee we love that you notice in your single-serving pod coffees, nor does it take the time a drip coffee method required.  It’s a time-efficient, eco-friendly, and better-tasting alternative.

How Does it Work?

You simply place the opened filter pouch propped up by the paper handles and pour hot water over it.  That’s it. What takes the most time is heating your water. Just as you would need to wait for your water to heat up in your pod coffee brewer. It takes the same amount of time and just as convenient, if not more.  These pouches are easy to stick in your pocket or bag when you’re in a rush and lightweight to add to your backpack for your camping trip, as it needs no added utensils.  This brewing method suits every lifestyle, including the planet’s.

Tentera’s Mission

Tentera’s mission doesn’t end with bringing a sustainable and convenient brew method to the US coffee market.  The founder’s mission is much great than that, with a goal to improve our planet in every outlet he can find.  He’s taken the opportunity to showcase local Indonesian artists’ work, Darbotz, on all of his packaging.  All of the artwork features an endangered species or rainforest to raise awareness.  Tentera also donates to 1% for the Planet.  The company was even named Tentera, after the Indonesian word for soldier “tentara” to represent the company’s mission to fight for our planet.

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