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Tentera Coffee: Indonesian Coffee with a Mission

The inspiration behind the name Tentera comes from the Indonesian word for soldier “tentara”.  This name suits the company well as Tentera has a mission to make a difference. Michael Riady, founder of Tentera says “Our mission is so that each of us in life, emulate like a soldier that protects for a good cause.”

Tentera Coffee was founded by 4th generation Indonesian, Michael Riady in Los Angeles.  Michael has a passion for coffee that is clearly translated through his business.  He strongly believes that coffee is meant to be enjoyed and cherished.  With that, he also believes in specializing in what he knows, and he guarantees satisfaction of his product.  As a native Indonesian, he knows the lands of Indonesia, so Indonesian coffee is his specialty.  Michael believes a coffee lover should always appreciate the “country of origin” factor.  What he means by this is, just as you would want to have a Scottish whiskey from Scotland, not a Scottish whiskey from America, you should want Indonesian coffee from Indonesia, not Indonesian coffee from Hawaii.  Michael states that “coffee can only be grown naturally on certain parts of the world close to the equator. Every coffee producing nation offers great coffee varieties and experience and you can count on us when it comes to experiencing Indonesian coffee.” 

Tentera’s mission is not only to provide excellent coffee to consumers, but Tentera has a mission to make a difference in the world.  Tentera has made single-serving pour-over bags easy and ecofriendly. These pour over bags replace the need for the single serving pod coffee machines that create a tremendous amount of waste that is harming the environment.  Not only that, but the quality of the coffee you are drinking will not need to be sacrificed when you are using pour-over bags.  These pour over bags are small, and easily portable, perfect for hikers and businessmen, no more instant coffee when you’re in a rush or needing a portable single serving coffee option.  The single-serving pour-over bag is the solution. Outside of offering an ecofriendly alternative, Tentera is also donating one percent of all profits to 1% For the Planet.

 As coffee is the second largest commodity in the world, it reaches just about everyone. Michael is using this huge platform to bring awareness.  He understands that with great popularity comes great responsibility.  Tentera works with urban street artist Darbotz to help spread Tentera’s message of supporting rainforests and wildlife conservation through Darbotz’s vision in the arts.  All of Tentera’s packaging features visuals of selected endangered wildlife and rainforests to bring this awareness.  Americans consume around 300 million cups of coffee every day, and Tentera wants to use coffee’s popularity to make a difference across the globe. 

Michael says, “If you appreciate Earth’s nature and beauty, enjoy the outdoor or you are just wanting to appreciate some fresh air, we invite you to be a Tentera because protecting our rain-forest and wildlife are the core foundation to our lifestyle.”

You can find Tentera Coffee directly through accessing their website or through Amazon.

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