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Understanding Drip Coffee, The Basics and Beyond


Drip coffee confidently wins the title of the most modern and popular beverage. Its main advantage is that this technology fully preserves the delicious and energetic characteristics of natural coffee, and at the same time, you can drink a coffee in minutes.

Drip coffee technology allows you to make natural coffee as fast as any known tea bag. The term drip refers to the method of brewing coffee. Therefore, under the name of a drip, it can also mean a beverage prepared by the pouring method, as well as portioned coffee in special-design bags.

History of Drip coffee

It is believed that the first coffee filter was made in 1908. Drip coffee first appeared in Japan in the late 1990s. In this country, drip coffee technology has gained popularity in just a few years. The Japanese have made the process of cooking drip coffee a traditional ceremony, while in Europe, this method of making coffee became known only a few years ago. Today, the number of drip coffee in the world is in the billions. More and more people are recognizing the convenience, quality, and other benefits of this method of making coffee.

What is drip coffee?

The drip coffee is very similar to Turkish coffee, dripping through a filter so that only liquid without residual ground coffee enters the cup. The result of this method is a coffee of lesser taste and no precipitate at the bottom of the cup. Also, the filter absorbs the oils contained in the coffee, so it has no foam unless a metal filter is used. Drip coffee is a way of cooking coffee that is common in the West, especially in North America. Drip coffee or Filter coffee can be made in appliances that have a permanent or removable filter built-in, or by manually pouring hot over ground coffee contained in the paper, metal or fabric filters. In this way, the water gradually pours the coffee into the filter. Underneath is a placed a jug into which the filtered coffee is poured. It’s similar but even weaker than espresso coffee. The water flowing through the coffee is not pressurized, so the aroma and texture are different. Espresso coffee is very roasted but finely ground, while the filter coffee is a little less roasted and sharper ground. Today, there are special machines for the quick preparation of filter coffee.

You can prepare filter coffee in two ways:

  • Using a coffee machine;
  • With bags of drip coffee.
drip coffee machine
drip coffee machine
bags of drip coffee 1
bags of drip coffee


Factors that Affect Flavor 

  1. The ratio of coffee to water;
  2. Cooking time,
  3. Water temperature;
  4. Size of ground beans.

All these factors must be combined to create a balanced cup of coffee. When ground coffee is poured over hot water, it begins to extract (both aroma and taste) from the coffee beans. The goal is a liquid that is not too bitter or acidic. To do this, you need to extract the right ingredients from the grain at the right time. The first step to a delicious coffee is from the whole coffee bean. It is necessary to grind it directly, before cooking. For this type of preparation, coffee is usually ground to a greater extent than for espresso. The more exposed a grain is to oxygen, the faster it loses its properties. Then you need to put a certain amount of ground coffee in the filter bag and put the filter in the appliance. After that, it is necessary to pour water into the appliance and turn it on. The ideal temperature for drip is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In a few minutes, the smell of freshly brewed coffee will spread throughout your home. To prepare one cup of drip coffee, you need to put 7g of coffee and 125 ml of water in the apparatus and cook until the extraction is complete. For coffee (drip or coffee maker), it should be soaked in water for about 5 minutes.

Brewing Using a Drip Bag

brewing into bag in a cup

Its manufacturers have embarked on an improvement to the packaging, called the drip bag. It allows you to get a serving of natural good cooking coffee, and at the same time, without any external reason in the cup. It is this version of portioned coffee that is gaining in popularity. By the name of the pack, the drink is called drip coffee.

  • By boiling coffee dripping, you have to pour the water slowly, without haste.
  • Approximate time per 200 ml cup is at least a minute.
  • When pouring coffee with hot water, leave it for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then remove the cardboard handle of the bag from the edges of the cup, tuck it in, and remove the bag with the coffee spoon.
  • The bag is no longer needed, throw it in the trash and drink a cup of hot, natural, strong coffee without any sediment.

Drip coffee is portioned coffee in a special design package that allows you to brew a natural beverage by pouring and then removing the precipitate from the cup. The name refers to the way of cooking, not the type of coffee itself.

A special filter paper is used to pack the drip coffee. It is made of natural cellulose, which is not subject to additional bleaching or other chemical influences. Therefore, the contact of such a paper with the beverage is completely secure.

Advantages of using premade drip bags for brewing

  • Ease of use;
  • Cooking efficiency. The process takes 2 minutes;
  • Quality natural drink;
  • Mobility drip packages. They can be used wherever there is hot water;
  • Compact packaging for every serving;
  • Good taste;
  • Acceptable price;
  • More widespread than other types of portioned coffee;
  • Usability.

Some research in Scandinavia has shown that drip coffee is healthier than espresso or homemade coffee because unfiltered coffee is rich in caffeine, a substance that has an affects on cholesterol levels. In addition to caffeine, coffee beans contain oils that can significantly increase blood cholesterol. In this sense, the coffee filter is safer than coffee prepared in the traditional, homemade way, so it is not recommended to consume unfiltered coffee in people with high blood cholesterol levels. Drinking drip coffee could reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

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