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What is Longberry Coffee?

The Longberry variety, primarily emerging from Indonesia, is so named due to its appearance, which is long and thin in comparison with other coffee varietals. It is thought to have originated from Ethiopia due to its similarity to Longberry Harrar (a natural mutation of the Typica variety), planted in the dark soil and altitude of 1300 meter above sea level, we found that this specific variety develop a good body and a flowery fragrance.

It's really unusual to find coffees like this, experimental varietals but with results that are of excellent quality. This is admittedly expensive for a coffee from Sumatra but we think you will be pleased by the results.

Cup Characteristics: Very clean, especially for Sumatra origin with aromatic chocolate notes. Sweet with citrus and milky flavors. The cup is very earthy and smooth with a subtle exotic fruit flavor like guava offering both a textural and flavor sensation.
Roasting Notes: The coffee roasts like other high grown Sumatra varieties and may take a tad longer to finish due to higher moisture levels one typically sees from this origin.
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