We can supply premium specialty coffee to your restaurant, cafe, event, hotel, office, and business. Based in Los Angeles, Tentera is a vertically integrated coffee company, which our family owns coffee plantation, source-direct, import, roast weekly locally in LA, and distribute only premium quality from the world's fourth largest coffee producer, Indonesia. We carry a wide selection of coffee with various roast profile and hint notes from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Celebes, Flores, Papua and more. In fact, our founder is Indonesian born-American, making Tentera truly authentic.

We are happy to consult your new business, training, provide new or upgrade coffee equipments for your business, including assisting you to shift towards an organic or all natural, local or premium quality offering.

Finally, we guarantee our quality are always fresh and our pricing would be competitive as you would have direct access with us and the owner.

Set an appointment with us today and visit our roastery for coffee tastings.